Monday, December 1, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, much to our dismay, our Thanksgiving break is over. December is here. That means Christmas time! Thankfully, though, it's only another two crazy weeks and the semester is over. It's crazy how quickly the time flies by.

As of tomorrow, we'll have 120 days and counting until our little baby is born. We're so excited. It still seems, though, that it's all a dream and that April will never come. We'll probably feel a little differently once the new year comes.

I suppose all we can do right now is just be grateful that we're happy and healthy and the Lord has blessed us immensely. We have great families, friends, and an awesome ward. What more could a young couple ask for?

Love to all!

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Rachel said...

Well I just saw that Jennie's pregnant, I'm so happy for you guys. Wow! everything is changing. Also Scott, my last name is hegji no d. dork!!