Sunday, December 14, 2008

Your Mom Goes to College!!! ...Yeah. So?

This weekend, Jennie and I had the privilege of driving down to Utah for my Mom's college graduation. That's right. My MOM just graduated from College this week with a 3.99 GPA. That's Summa Cum Laude. That's awesome! She went back to school while I was on my mission to get her teaching degree. She'd been a substitute teacher for several years before that, and just caught on fire. She's spent the next few years in school and now has her Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. Congratulations, Mom!!!!

We really enjoyed our time down there. We got to see some family that we never get to see. My brother Chad flew in from Texas for the occasion. His wife Erika couldn't make it because she's in community theater production of Cinderella. But they will both be coming for Christmas. We always enjoy getting together with all of my family.

This was the first time we've been home while Jennie's been significantly pregnant and it was a great trip. The ride back was one to remember, though. With ideal weather conditions, a drive from Fruit Heights to Rexburg, or vice-versa, usually takes about 3 hours. We left home about 7:30 pm, having originally given up hopes of getting home for Sunday because of a few snow storms. But, Jennie was supposed to be playing Violin for a piece in the ward Christmas program, and I was supposed to accompany her. We had to make the drive.

Driving from Utah up until about 20 miles into Idaho was a dream. Nothing at all, except a little fog going over Malad Summit. After that, though we got hit with several snow storms that made us slow down to about 45 mph, and we didn't dare take it any faster. It was slow going for a long time, and we didn't get home until about midnight.

But, overall, it was a good weekend. We can't wait until we go home next weekend and get to stay until the 29th! That's well over a week off work. Yippeee!!

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Tim and Niccole said...

WOW!! Congrats to the momma!! Way to go! I'm glad you guys made it back safely! Hope you guys have a happy holidays!!