Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update No. 1.....

Once again, we have waited entirely too long to post any sort of update. And there’s a lot to update! We won’t do it all today, since there is so much, so be sure to check back for our other updates! (And since we are woefully behind on any pictures, I’ll just post a few random ones today)

First of all, WE’RE PREGNANT! I think most of our friends and family already know that, but it’s still worth announcing on here, I think =)

Our “due date” is December 10th, and so far things have been going well! I had some pretty bad morning sickness for a while. Luckily, I’m not one to throw up, so there wasn’t any of that, but those of you who have experienced morning sickness know how debilitating it is, even when you aren’t actually throwing up. It was pretty awful, but the worst is past now, and things are going great.

We ended up choosing to go to a birth center close by, in Rigby, and so far, it has been the best choice EVER. After our experience in the hospital with Noah and the C-section, I knew that I wanted to keep away from the hospital, if at all possible, and birth completely naturally, VBAC and no interventions. And the center has been amazing! Every time I’ve come away from an appointment there, I’ve been so incredibly happy and excited, and the midwives are so wonderful – I’d recommend it to anyone in a second.

I am about 21 weeks along, but we won’t know the gender for a while. Because I am doing a VBAC, the birth center does an ultrasound at 36 weeks, to check for breech positioning, where the placenta is attached, etc., so that we can know what’s going on to prepare for the VBAC. That being said, the standard 20-week ultrasound isn’t strictly necessary for any reason, so if we want to have an extra ultrasound earlier than 36 weeks, s
o that we can know the gender, we have to pay for it out of pocket. So, we’ll be doing this the old-fashioned way for a while, staying in the dark as to the gender. But still hoping for a girl =)

(While I do have some strong opinions about birth, I’m not going to get into them here, so if you’d like to hear more about what they are and why I’m choosing to birth this way, feel free to ask me elsewhere =))

Scott graduated in April (yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!) so this summer has been great, having him home all morning for the first time…..uh, ever….so we’ve been able to actually have some time together as a family. We’ve had a lot of trips to Utah and family vacations, and we’ll update on those later. There’s too much to talk about on one blog post.

One thing that we want to mention: please take a look at the ad, on the right of the page, for Vivint. and the facebook contest that they are holding. They have a contest among various charity organizations around the country. Each region is competing within itself for a $100, 000 prize (cash). The Utah Prader-Willi Syndrome Association is a branch of the national Prader-Willi Syndrome Association, and they have been soooooo wonderful accepting us and Noah, and helping us to get all the help and support we need (and will need). The UPWSA won last year – it’s all done by voting on facebook, each and every day. The money is used to help with research and the enable the members (us) to meet with the various specialists that we need to, who can be quite expensive, as well as other important things. Funds like this are pivotal if organizations like the UPWSA are going to achieve their goals of helping and suppor

ting their members. If you are on facebook, please add us as friends, take a look at how to vote, and please help us get the votes that we need to win this! We are so close, and voting ends August 27th. Thank you soooooo much!!!!

Check back soon! We’ll keep posting more frequently for a while, since we have so much to catch up on – love you all!