Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey, Baby Bumps and Bowling

We hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I know we certainly did. We had originally planned to go to Wisconsin to spend time with Jennie's family, but it didn't work out. So, we decided to stick around here and spend the time with my Ostermiller side of the family. Which was fun.

The Ostermiller side of the family is rather large. i.e. Jennie is the 131st addition to the family. That's BIG. I think we're up to 140-something now. There were just over 60 people present for our Thanksgiving feast yesterday. That's a LOT of food. Lot's of kids running around. Good times.

So, for Jennie's mom's benefit we've been asked to post a picture of the "Baby Bump." Here it is.
That thing sure is growing insider her. The doctors have told us that the baby is now about 10 inches long, and weighs just over a pound. We're just so excited.

We also got invited last night by some friends in our ward to go bowling with them. It was funny that on "Turkey Day" I got my first ever Turkey in bowling. That's right. I threw three strikes in a row. I was on fire last night. I don't know exactly why. But it was, without doubt, the best I've ever bowled. Actually, if I were to be completely honest, I had some help from the bowling alley. The guy's lane kept getting caught up. I on the second strike of my turkey, I actually had three shots at it because the mechanism behind the pins kept getting jammed. But all of my other strikes were legit. My score for the first game (with the inadvertent help) was 170. My second score was 168. I only missed about 6 pins and had four strikes in the second game. Up to the 9th frame, I'd only missed three.

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Jessie and Adam Kohl said...

jennie is looking cute! hope all is well with you guys!!