Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Haircut

Well, we finally got around to giving Noah his first haircut. It's been looooong overdue. As you can see, he had quite the little rattail growing back there. It was actually pretty adorable at times, because it would curl into perfect little ringlets, but most of the time, he looked....well, we just desperately needed to cut his hair.

He was very happy at first, but as soon as we came near him with the clippers, he started freaking out. Understandably. But we got some good clips that we stowed away in a plastic bag for memory.

He wouldn't hold still for the camera later that day, but I got at least a couple of shots of his hair. He looks so grown up!

He also bruised his chin a few days earlier, so with the new haircut, and a black and blue bruise that looked just like a goatee, I could have sworn he was a teenager =)

Gotta love Noah smiles!

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Tim, Niccole, and Neva said...

Oh my goodness Jennie he is sooooooo cute!!! I love the new do! Man I am missin that little guy too much :(