Sunday, August 8, 2010

Graduation and Family Vacation!

We had quite the week and a half at the end of July. First: GRADUATION! (Jennie's, that is)

Scott had a really hard time getting the camera to work, and we either had really blurry pictures, or really unflattering pictures. I prefer the blurry.

My parents drove out from Wisconsin, so we went to St. Anthony on Pioneer Day to spend it with Scott's grandparents (no one in Wisconsin really knows what Pioneer Day is), watching the parade and pot-lucking.

Then, my senior recital! I have yet to go get the DVD of it from the music office, but as soon as I do, I will post more pictures, and hopefully a video of the recital. But for now, it was awesome! It feels SO good to be done and to know what I've accomplished! I love the violin!

THEN, we headed down to Utah the next day (at 5 am) to go to a Gergetz Family Reunion (Jennie's family). We stayed at Castle Valley Outdoors and had a great time, especially on the hikes. We haven't had many chances to do that kind of thing yet this summer, and it felt really good to get out. Our first one was to the San Rafael Swell.

It was raining that day, so we bundled up, but it was even more fun because of it .

Aren't they the cutest? =)

It really was so amazing. I wish we lived closer to these kinds of hikes. No, I wish we didn't have to work or go to school and could just travel all the time to do this kind of thing.

Noah fell asleep for the last twenty minutes of the hike - so funny! He just bobbed along and snoozed =)

Next hike to the petroglyphs! Yay sunglasses!

I wish we would have gotten a better picture of the petroglyphs. I'm also not exactly sure what they were called or where they were. Sorry! There are a lot of them in Utah...

And finally, home! It felt good to get back home and back to a normal routine after seven or eight days of chaos. We'll miss my parents (until next summer!), but it's always nice to get back to normal family life. Especially since school is out! We're going to try to spend our time off of school having fun and getting home stuff done. Hopefully we'll have some fun things to report soon =)


Robin said...

Looks like you guys have had an awesome summer! I can't wait to see more pictures and watch the DVD to your recital. Such cute pictures of such a cute family!!

Brian and Kayla said...

Congratulations on graduating! It is an accomplishment. We wish we could have been there to hear your recital, so we'll look forward to hearing excerpts on the blog if you can. Noah is growing up so fast! He's adorable. What's Scott up to?

Aimee said...

Glad to see you are posting again! Congrats on graduating! It must be a huge relief to be done! The hiking looks fun. It's so hot here in the summer, the only activities I consider, must involve water...;)