Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Adventures

So.....summer is over =( This week is still pretty nice, but I have a strong feeling that Rexburg is barely holding on to summer. Our summer seems like it only just started. We only had the seven week break in which to do anything fun, so we tried to plan as much as we could. First on the list: Mesa Falls! We just planned a morning trip, since Scott couldn't get off of work. We left around seven a.m. and planned to take as much time as we could there. We started off with the boardwalk.
We found that there was a small trail that started from the lower parking lot and led to the lower falls. It was only about a mile each way, so we decided to do it. It was a perfect little hike for that morning. Especially because it allowed Noah a little nap =)

After Mesa Falls, we decided that we had time to make a quick detour up to Big Springs. Nothing special, especially since it was a little cloudy and cold, but it's always worth a look.

We also decided that the perfect end to that trip was a quick trip to Big Judd's. We didn't take pictures - use your imagination =)

Second trip of the summer: Jenny Lake! I think this is one of my absolutely favorite places to go. Scott was able to get the whole day off, so we made a day of it. It's only about two hours away, so we left around 10 am, giving Noah the chance to nap in the car. Here are the Teton's on the way to Jenny Lake after going through Jackson.

The hike to the ferry on the other side of the lake is about 2 1/2 miles, and just gorgeous. It's really hard to capture how beautiful it is on camera, especially without posting about twenty pictures, but we posted a few good ones.

Sorry, but I just love flowers =)

This is the waterfall that is on the way to the ferry. We were thinking about continuing the hike up to Inspiration Point, but we wanted to make the hike back, instead of taking the ferry, so we just rested for a bit, and then turned around.

The hike back seemed to be a lot shorter, and a lot easier. What's so great about it, too, is that everything looks different from the opposite perspective, so you can enjoy a basically brand new hike. It really was so much fun.

As is predictable, we soon had a sleeping Noah, despite his head bobbing along, and whacking his nose on Scott's back every once in a while. I swear, he could sleep through a thunderstorm in this thing. We borrowed it from Scott's parents since the one that we had ordered hadn't come yet. It was a little hard on Scott's back, but it served it's purpose. Of course, ours came the very next day. Of course.

On the way out of Jenny Lake.

Good-bye Grand Teton National Park! Until next year!

And, because we couldn't resist, we ended the day at Bubba's Bar-B-Que in Jackson Hole before we drove home. We've been here a few times on previous trips, and it's probably the best bbq that we've had. It's quite possible that it was the best part of the trip =)

And so ended our summer adventures =( We've got a lot planned for next summer. Hopefully Scott won't have to be in school, and we'll be able to spend more time as a family making more great memories. Good-bye summertime!

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Tim, Niccole, and Neva said...

How fun! and how BEAUTIFUL! I definitely miss all that green. I wish we had even just a tiny piece of all that greenery here...stupid desert!