Monday, November 10, 2008

A Brief Update

Well, Jennie is now 19 weeks along, and we're super excited to find out what the baby will be. We find out officially on Nov. 20th. So far, things have been going great.

Jennie often says that she wishes she would be showing more. She's still in that in between stage of the pregnancy where if you look close enough she looks pregnant. But she says she'd prefer to show more so that it's blatantly obvious and people don't have to wonder.

We're pretty sure she felt the baby kick for the first time a little earlier this past week. We're not 100% certain, though, because neither of us have felt it before. She described it as almost a little flutter in her stomach but it was pretty low down.

The weather here in Rexburg has finally started to turn cold. It seems Mother Nature has finally made up her mind and given us some winter-like weather. We've had some snow once or twice, but nothing that's stuck around for more than a day.

We had a great Halloween and participated in the Halloween concert. The theme was "Pirates of Madison County." I know. It's a little lame-sounding, but it was fun anyway. The concert was drastically shorter than last year where they tried to cram way too much into it.

The basis of the concert was that Captain Hook (the conductor) had enslaved the orchestra as his crew and he'd found a treasure map that allowed him to dissaparate and apparate where a treasure was by playing the right song and playing it well enough. I was the "tin-eared" trombonist that "couldn't even read the notes on the page." We all know that's a lie. But, apparently, my character thought the notes were "more like guidelines." The captain tries to get me to walk the plank, but I trick him out of it.

My parents and little sister were nice enough to drive up for the concert on Halloween (Greg, you missed out). We had a great time and they even spent the night in our tiny apartment with us. It was kind of fun.

Anyway, everybody will be hearing from us soon with a very important announcement. I'll keep my hopes hidden on the matter, but we'll be excited no matter what the turn out.

Wishing everybody well. Have a great week!


Sarah Orme said...

I cant wait to hear the news. Thats so exciting!!!

chokanson said...

I'm glad Greg didn't come. Then I got to see it again :D

Erika said...

Hey congrats on the baby! I'm sure I heard about it before, but just re-found out about it and got excited all over again. And tell Jennie I know exactly where she's at. When you're not big enough for people to look at you and know you're pregnant, but they all suspect but don't want to ask in case you're really just fat. Yeah, I've been there. It's not so much fun.