Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July


I hope everybody had a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

This weekend we took some time off to come home and spend a few days with the family. Greg, (little brother) is the Squad Leader for the Sousaphones in the High school marching Band. You can see his face through the flute player's arms right in the center.

Otherwise, we just kind of chilled this weekend. My family just bought Rock Band for the Wii. It's super fun. I'm starting to get good at the drums.

The fireworks this year were pretty good.
Sadly, my little camera doesn't handle dark pictures very well.

We actually got to see two shows. Kind of.

While we were sitting on the grass of a stake center here in Kaysville, we could see Lagoon's fireworks show off in the distance.

The show started off with the Star Spangled Banner, and followed with "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond. Celine Dion sang "God Bless America." I always found it ironic that she would sing that song when she's from Canada. Oh, well.

We're looking forward to a great day tomorrow where we'll be going to the car show in the morning while the girls go shopping. Then, in the afternoon, we'll all meet at Willard Bay to go boating.

Love Everbody, and GOD BLESS THE USA!!


David & Wendy said...

Hey you guys! I thought you had a blog-we totally have one too! Some family members started one and now I'm addicted. It's a great way to keep in touch with people. Anyways, ours is Hope all is well with you-hopefully we can have crepes soon! Take care.

Tim and Niccole said...

Hey Jenny I think it's time for an update! Happy Birthday by the way! I think I missed it. Love ya girl