Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eagerly Waiting

Things are changing rapidly around here where the time flies faster than we can keep up with.

For the most part, Jennie and I are keeping busy with classes, and work and just trying to enjoy the summer time we have together before anything else happens. We came to the realization that this may very-well be the last summer we have just us. We don't know how long anything will last.

We recently inherited some new furniture from some neighbors and now love the way our apartment is decorated. It's finally home.

Jennie took some creative liberties and did up the walls and bookshelves just in time for us to have some friends over for some gyoza. If anybody wonders what that is, invite yourselves over and we'll have some. It's amazing.

Otherwise, Jennie and I are eagerly awaiting our trip down to Utah this weekend for the 4th of July. A three-day weekend where we don't have any obligations. We're planning on going boating with my family on Saturday, and just enjoying the time off. We really do love where we live. We're far enough away from home where we don't have to worry about being in our family's hair, but close enough where we can come down for the weekend and make a nice break.

Also, we've become quite the movie buffs this past little while. Jennie and I recently rented Fool's Gold, Jumper, and 10,000 BC. Suffice it to say we were quite disappointed with all three of them.

Fool's Gold could have been a great chick-flick if it wasn't for the two-second spot in the movie where Matthew McConoughey get's flashed by a girl in a boat, and it actually shows it. We were blown away that it was allowed a PG-13 rating.

Jumper, while it was based off a really cool idea, was VERY disappointing. We were expecting it to be after the superhero theme of movies recently, but it was just about a young man who can teleport himself and gets himself into a lot of trouble by robbing banks, etc. They had so many opportunities to make it into a cool movie, but didn't. There was a scene where he's walking around in his apartment and sees a news report of people being trapped by a flood. We were totally expecting him to go there and help save the people. Instead he went partying in London. LAME!

10,000 BC was one of those movies that you keep waiting for it to get better, but it never does. I highly underestimated this movie. All I can say is I'm glad I got it through Redbox and only paid a buck for it.

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Lisa said...

Cute place! But what did I say about scaring me with baby talk?!