Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Weekend Away

So, despite the fact that this has been a relatively uneventful summer, Jennie and I have had a few opportunities to get out of Rexburg for a day or so.

On Aug. 2nd, we were up at 3 am so that we could drive to Boise to attend my best friend Mike's wedding. It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day. I kind of liked the fact that there was little to no traffic on the highway at 5 in the morning.

I should mention that, since we were going to be driving on a relatively deserted highway, I had the bright idea to bring a small 1 gallon jug of gasoline, just in case. Little did I realize that the fumes from the gasoline would get out from the can, and cause us both to be very nauseous. Jenny, especially, was feeling very green.

Once we got to Boise, we had a little trouble getting into our hotel because we were there at 10:30 am and the real check-in time was supposed to be 3 pm. The wedding was at 12:30, and we were supposed to be there at 12:00. Suffice it to say that we were a little bit panicked because we had been driving all morning and didn't exactly look our best.

We drove around for a little bit to make sure that we could find the temple from our hotel. It was only about a 6 minute drive. The desk manager at the hotel pulled a room from her sleeve and got us in so we could change and get to the wedding.

When we got to the temple, we went right into the waiting room. Courtney's Grandfather was a sealer, and gave a wonderful ceremony. I've known Mike for a long time, and I've never seen him so happy. He and Courtney both were radiant.

We had a great time and really enjoyed the festivities after the reception at Courtney's house. I did my usual thing with helping to decorate the car. I've had years of experience and really had quite the finesse the job required.

The drive back to Rexburg went without any hitches, and we were glad to be back so we could take a nap and really get some rest.

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