Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things Are Heating Up

Welcome to Rexburg...Last week we had a snow storm, this weekend, we'll be hitting the 90's. Why does the weather seem to have a mind of its own?

I've loved over the last couple days being able to go out running in the mornings. I'm slightly sunburned from doing these early morning runs. But I sure feel good afterward.

Jennie has started working this last week. She got a 100% on her training exam, and did very well on all of her calling training. We're really excited that she'll be working and have something to do at nights.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying our summer vacation. Love to everybody.


Heather West said...

Hey sounds like everything is going well for you two. I'm trying to figure out this blog thing. I actually had the wrong address on myfamily. Our blog is actually Hope you guys have a great week.

Lara said...

I saw on facebook that Jennie has a job - where is she working? I am glad she found something.

Scott and Jennifer said...

Jennie's working at the same place as me. We both work for a multilevel marketing company called Melaleuca. I work on the Web Support team and Jennie is a regular "Wellness Representative." She takes calls from customers placing orders.

Tim and Niccole said...

Yay! Its about time you two started updating your blog! We need to get together and have a bbq soon!