Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Update From Scott

In case you couldn't tell from the title, this is Scott writing this post.

Yes, I know it seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth since I haven't personally posted in forever, but I feel it's time for me to break my silence with a quick update like Jenn promised.

As she said, I'm still working full-time at Melaleuca, which has been the biggest blessing for us. My managers have allowed me to come and go whenever I can as long as I get the prescribed amount of work done that I need to. The nature of my job is such that there aren't really any specific hours that I HAVE to be there. In addition, my direct boss did the same thing I'm doing now about two years ago. He knows exactly what it's like, and has been so great working with me. I really appreciate it.

As far as school goes, the IBC (Integrated Business Core) is a program where we have a collection of four classes; Organizational Behavior, Essentials of Marketing, Corporate Finance, and Operations Management. Each class is interspersed throughout the week and they're very considerate of the workload that we each get. On the side of being in class, we're divided into companies of about 25 members and we run a business for about 10 weeks. We've just completed our 2nd week of operation and we've already paid off our loan. We're doing pretty good.

Our company is called "Custom Kicks." We work selling custom-fit orthotics for our customers. You can see our logo pictured here.

We also have a couple of ads on YouTube.
You can find them at this link and this link (scroll over the word "this" to find the link). Personally, I'm very proud of our product's creativity (nobody in IBC history has ever done something like this), and its marketability. Everybody can benefit from them. If any of you are in Rexburg and would like to get set up with some of our inserts, feel free to contact me.We're able to offer them at a MUCH lower price than you would pay at a podiatrist's office for the same product.

We also have a page on Facebook. Check us out there as well.

Life is hectic right now, but it just makes us appreciate the time that we have together even more. I don't foresee things getting any easier, either. I found out a couple days ago that I'll be graduating in April! Woo-hoo! Here's for long hauls to the end. At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the mean time, we're surviving and loving life. We really are very blessed. We very much appreciate all the thoughts and prayers in our behalf to help us get through this stressful and crucial time in our lives. Thank you all. We love you.

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Brian and Kayla said...

Ummm... I'm pretty sure that's a flip-flop in Commercial 2 six seconds into it. As an IBC member who sells foot products at BYU-Idaho, can you comment on the use of flip-flops on campus? Does your company endorse or advocate any use of the flip-flop?

:0) -brian