Friday, November 6, 2009

Wow, it's been a while...

After several requests, I've decided it's finally time to update our blog after a 5-month hiatus. We apologize we haven't been more up on things, but this semester has been really insane.
So......where to begin?

The summer went very quickly for us, as I'm sure it does for just about anybody. There was nowhere near enough time for us to play like we wanted to. Just not enough hours in the day, I guess.

I've continued to work at Melaleuca and have now been promoted to Team Lead (assist ant to the supervisor). It's a big step up that I've been waiting for a long time to get. The work load isn't any less, but it's at least different.

Jennie has continued to be a great mommy and loves all the time she can get with Noah. We've truly been blessed to have such a patient baby on our first try. The Lord certainly knew what we needed to get us through.

With this fall semester, we thought we should be able to arrange our schedules so that one of us could always be with the baby while the other was in class. Since Jennie's classes are only available on campus, I opted to take some online courses so I can be at home more often to help with Noah. We started out the semester with Jennie taking 9 credits (including being assistant concert master in the Symphony Orchestra), and me taking 14 (9 of which are online). Little did we know that was just going to be too much. We both ended up dropping one class to lighten the load and we're still busy out our ears. But having plenty to do is better than having nothing to do, right? .........

Noah continues to get stronger every day. He loves his solids, and loves to make a mess of it, too. Since he's started to really go to town on solids, he's making a lot quicker progress. He had a little bit of a late start due to his slightly premature birth (the doctors say he was probably at least two weeks early). He's now a happy, loving, smiling 7 month old who's rolling all over the place and will, hopefully, soon be crawling. Noah's also discovered that the world is a lot more interesting when you can move around to enjoy it. Since he's figured out that he can mobilize, he just doesn't stop.

Jennie had the Halloween concert all last week (which was a big success - Superheroes!), so we didn't have a chance to really take Noah anywhere for Halloween, but we still wanted him to have a costume. We decided to save money and make one, so here's our adorable little solar system!

Things are chaotic, but as there isn't really an end in sight, we're just taking one day at a time, helping each other along, and loving Noah more and more each day. Life is busy, but it sure is sweet!


Brian and Kayla said...

Sounds like the same old for the Ostermillers - lots to not, and not enough time to do it in!! But you guys somehow get it done! Way to go. Thanks for the update. Noah sure is growing fast! Keep up the hard work. Congrats, Scott, with your job. And good to hear Jennie is at work with the Orchestra. You guys really are amazing. Keep those posts coming (when you have a minute to breathe!)
Love, the Cooks

Robin said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

David and Wendy said...

David and I love Noah's costume! Hope all is well with you guys! :)