Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two Month Pictures!

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since we've updated the blog, and since I finally know
how to do it, here goes!

Noah is doing wonderfully. He's turning into quite the little chunk (compared to what he was before) and is getting bigger every day! At his two-month visit on Tuesday, he was 10 lbs 10 oz. He's a very mellow kid - never really cries for anything, and is very patient with our poking and prodding =) We've had to wake him up at night, and watch the clock during the day, in order to feed him since he wouldn't cry for us. But he's finally starting to let us know when he is upset or hungry.

For anyone who's interested (hope I'm not crossing any boundries here), Noah has been taking a bottle, but luckily, I've been able to pump enough breast-milk that we've only had to supplement with formula a bit. We tried breast-feeding, but Noah doesn't really have the strong sucking muscles needed to breast-feed. We've also been taking him to a physical therapist to help strengthen those muscles, and while it's helped him with the bottle (he had a lot of problems in the beginning), breast-feeding just hasn't worked out for us. But, the important part is that he's getting what he needs and is getting good and fat =)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had his first pictures taken, and they are adorable! We have the cutest baby in the world! Of course, we aren't biased at all =) He's starting to smile here and there, but we couldn't really coax one out of him that day.

Otherwise, life is pretty basic right now. Scott is still working at Melaleuca, and niether of us are in school right now, so we have a lot of time on our hands to love our perfect little boy. Summertime is the best, and we are excited for what it will be bringing!


Halsey said...

He is such a sweetheart! It was fun to run into you at the park the other day. Way to exercise after having a baby! I hope I can do that much...

David and Wendy said...

Hey you guys...we need to see some updated pictures of Noah! Hope all is well. :)