Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frozen Tundra

Right now, the latest from Rexburg is that it's colder than the inside of a freezer no matter what time of day it is. Just three days ago, the temperature when I left to go to class was -18* and my nose hairs froze within one minute of closing the door.
So far, Jennie and I have done pretty well adjusting to living together, but it's been just adjustment. There are times when we scare each other to death because we wake up next to each other and don't expect the other person to be there. Apparently I snore. I didn't know that when I was single. My roommates never told me.
The thing, I think, that causes the most trouble between us, which trouble is relatively minimal, is the fact that our schedules only allow for very little time together. With Jennie being a music major, she has to be at the school almost all day because of practice time and homework that can only be done on campus.
My class load, on the other hand, is relatively light. I'm only taking thirteen credits, but I stay very busy because I work every weeknight until 10 o'clock. My schedule, in turn, makes it so we can only be together after 10. By that point, the only thing that we really have time for is to get ready for bed and sleep. I sometimes have to stay up a little later to finish up some homework. Jennie hates going to be alone. It's not the easiest thing to be married.
Otherwise, Jennie and I are doing well. Every day is an adventure and we try to find the good things in life. We do love each other, and that, I think is what makes our bad days good. I've heard people say that the first month of marriage is the honeymoon, and the second month is the hardest. I don't know how true that is, but we'll have to see over the next few weeks.


Jessie and Adam Kohl said...

awwww.. it's nice to hear that you guys are doing so good!!! i would say though, cherish the little time you guys have together. it could be worse, being separated for 9 of the first 12 months of your marriage.. :)

Janae said...

It is hard to get married and then never see each other! But it gets better and better. Good luck, and tell Jennie hi for me.

Tim and Niccole said...

Hey you two love birds! You need to add us to your list dangit! Have an amazing weekend and tell Jenny I love her!